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Teaching Resources For Me was set up to make the work of education professionals just that little bit easier. 

Anyone who has taught knows that it is a job which is time consuming to say the very least.  We are not just talking about the actual delivery of excellent teaching but the physical preparation for classes and marking of student work too – the befores and afters that are often forgotten by employers! 

It is unusual for teachers to work for many more hours than those outlined in their contracts – but we don’t need to tell you that if you are in the profession.

This workload is only increased by the amount of resources preparation there is to do, especially in subjects which change continually like Information Technology.  New resources take time to create and very often they are developed in the teacher’s own time – not that of the institution. 

Our aim is to provide high quality teaching and learning resources for a reasonable price.  All the resources on the site were developed in the teacher’s own time and, as such we are able to offer you the opportunity to buy the rights to use them.

Why pay? Surely there are resources out there which are just as good and are free?

True, there are materials out there but we hope that those you find here will be a worth spending a little money on.

We ask people to pay to use these materials as – to be honest – websites aren’t free and a great deal of time and energy has been put in to developing this site. Plus the resources you will find here are great and well worth it! 

Your time is also valuable and we hope that what we have here will enable you to keep more of it for yourself in the future!

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