Drago's Method for Learning Piano

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If you're struggling to learn the scales or you're looking for a simple and logical way to understand chords and harmony this book will have all your answers.

Inside you have the complete fingering charts for all major and minor scales - I don't just give you the C major scale and let you figure out all the other more complicated scales.

Also, I give you the complete collection of chords found in each and every major and minor key. This book will spare you from spending a frustrating amount of time figuring stuff on your own.

No teacher ever gives you a complete collection of chords - they always start explaining how things work in C major and the rest is left to you. This book will really make your life a lot easier.

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About the book

This book's aim is to help you gain a clear perspective of the western music system while giving you a more straightforward introduction to the basic music theory.

Focusing on building a more solid foundation of music knowledge in the beginning will enable you to start your journey with a series of truly fruitful practice sessions.

The carefully crafted illustration will give you a full overview of the major and minor scales while offering what we believe are the most ergonomic hand positions for each scale.

A complete collection of scale fingering charts for each hand will give you enough resources to start playing along to your favorite music and allow you to begin uncovering more complex music theory like intervals, chord progression, or rhythm during infinitely more enjoyable practice sessions.

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