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When students or pupils are first introduced to blogging they often have no idea what it is, when it started and – most importantly – how completely the internet is awash with them. They often (mistakenly) believe that blogs are still highly personal my life websites and do not realize how they have evolved to become more like online magazines than anything else. The lights go on, too, when the realize just how easy it is to monetize them these days.

This resource aims to introduce students to blogging by asking them, first of all, to define blog, blogger and blogging. It may seem like an obvious thing to ask but it is surprising how many teachers assume that everyone must already know what these terms mean!

It then asks the students to look at some of the popular blogs on the internet and asks them to make some notes about the ones that they visit. There are other opportunities for assessment here – from using the internet, to making notes, to working in small groups.

Finally, there is the opportunity for either some or all learners to feed back to the class. Again, this part of the session could be used to assess other elements of the curriculum such as speaking and listening.

Estimated class time: 60 – 90 minutes
Length of Handout – 1 page


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