Database Design Form Made Easy Using PowerPoint with Lesson Plan

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When it comes to designing forms in MS Access most students want to rush right in and experiment using Access itself.  However, many curricula demand that the forms are designed beforehand using the old fashioned method of pen and paper or in an application such as PowerPoint.  In this way, measured thought has been given to the design of the user interface beforehand and when the form is created in Access (or other database) then it is simply a matter of applying the design rather than making it up as you go along!

This template can be used with that process in mind.  It has been created so the actual form appears in the middle of the PowerPoint slide.  Around it, on the desktop, are all the elements needed to create a good form – with a few prompts for the students too.  Your students can work out how their finished form will look by dragging and dropping the elements from the desktop on to the slide.

When they have finished they can save and print their work.  This is where this form comes in to its own – none of the desktop elements will print out. Only the finished design of the form will slide gracefully from your printer!  This may well cover an entire criterion of your database curriculum and your students will have had fun in the process.  This resource is ideal for younger or teenager audiences, although adult students have also found it an enjoyable and useful resource.

As well as this very valuable and useful resource we will include a three page lesson plan (in Microsoft Word) which will cover the strategies to help you deliver this resource over a ninety minute class.

Resource Contents
1 x PowerPoint Slide (form design, as seen in the picture)
1 x Word Lesson Plan covering form design in Access


Database Design Form and Lesson Plan

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